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David Gerstein is the principal cellist of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and cellist of the Quapaw String Quartet. I have completed four full marathons, six half marathons, five 10Ks, one five-miler, nine 5K's, four sprint triathlons, and the Dopey Challenge. Read on for running stats, pictures of food, pictures of my dog, and random music posts.

    livelongtrainhard replied to your photo: I spent most of the afternoon putting all of my…

    We use icloud and love it. We sync all our phones and computers. Put it in one time and it pushes to everyones devises. Let me know if you want to try to figure it out. :)

    The issue is that my computer is too old and I can’t upgrade my operating system past Snow Leopard. It would all work beautifully if I bought a new computer…but that is certainly not going to happen right now…especially if I buy a road bike (which is probably going to happen in the next week or so)…

    The thing that is so annoying is that my computer (while 5-6 years old) is still working great. There is no reason for me to buy a new one…except that Apple has decided it doesn’t deserve to be used anymore…grrrr…

    I used MobileMe before and loved it…this google calendar thing is almost the same thing, really…except that its free and I can’t use iCal on my computer…I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon enough!

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