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David Gerstein is the principal cellist of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and cellist of the Quapaw String Quartet. I have completed four full marathons, six half marathons, five 10Ks, one five-miler, nine 5K's, four sprint triathlons, and the Dopey Challenge. Read on for running stats, pictures of food, pictures of my dog, and random music posts.

    Changed up a little bit this week!
Tumblr Crushes:
rivercitysinger (real life crush)
foodonmydog (they put food on their dog and take pictures)
musicproblems (explains itself)
runningthegoodrace (she came to Little Rock this weekend!!)
rfgr26 (as always…Claire is amazing)
runwithrach (congrats on Heifer 20k!)
tridad (yes)
westcoastrunner (thanks for covering rook at the Boston Marathon!)
regainingmymoxy (love her) 

    Changed up a little bit this week!

    Tumblr Crushes:

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