How to choose a logo designer.

If you are looking for a brilliant logo design you can follow these three quick steps:

  1. Choose a talented and qualified designer
  2. Brief the designer about your product/brand/services for which you are looking a logo.
  3. Reviewing the final design.

Sometimes it looks easy, but it is not always easy as it looks to find a good logo designer. Within these three steps there will be a rigorous procedure the logo designer can complete the commencement of a logo design. Being human, we always want quality product or services whenever we invest our time or money somewhere. Same applies with logo designing, Therefore, we always want an excellent quality logo design for our business needs.


One way to ensure the quality of your logo is to have a brilliant logo designer. These days, it’s not difficult to find a logo designer. You can find designer in your locality just by a simple Google search or you can find a logo designer on few portals like freelancer, Elance, 99designs, fever etc.. But the difficult part is to find the suitable logo designer who is having the right skill set and knowledge which you are looking for.

It is easy to find a logo designer; But the question is how to choose the right one. What factor will determine that this designer or designing company is good for logo designing. Below mentioned few factors will help you identify a good logo designer:

Profile: First check the complete profile of designer or designing company. Ensure that they have relevant skills and knowledge (Abobe Illustrator, Coral Draw, Inkscape etc.) for designing the logo.

Portfolio: Always request and ask for the previous work done by the company/firm or by the individual. This will give you a fair idea how much experience they have. What kind of experiment they can do with the logo design. How much unique and professional there designs are.

Testimonials: Going though the testimonial will give an idea what kind of reputation the logo designer/design company have in front of their customers. Testimonial can explain you about how happy and satisfy customers are with the work of the designer.

Customer: If you have decided to work with a designer, tries to speak to the existing customers. Who can be better than an existing customer about the pro and cons of the designer or designing company.

Apart form the above factor, choosing a logo designer require lot of gut feeling. For example, if you have already worked with a graphic designer and you the satisfied with his designing ability, you can always choose the same person for your logo designing. But as gut feeling is concern sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. So believe on your instinct, but be careful.

Analyze every aspect before choosing a logo designer for designing your logo. Once your logo designer is finalized, brief the designer about your requirement, about your business process, color preference etc..